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Learn How to Play the 12 String Guitar with Cooper – Acoustic Inspirations

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12 Principles of Playing a 12-STRING
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12 String Lesson

Looking for some 12 string inspiration? Look no further than Cooper’s incredible 12-string lesson! In this video, Cooper shares his expertise and passion for the instrument, providing a comprehensive guide for beginners and seasoned musicians alike. From the basics of holding and tuning the guitar to advanced techniques and songs, this lesson has something for everyone.

Learning the 12 String Guitar Basics

Starting with the basics, Cooper explains the difference between a standard six-string guitar and a 12-string, highlighting the added depth and dimension that the extra strings bring to the table. He then shows how to properly hold the guitar, both sitting and standing, ensuring that you’re comfortable and able to play to the best of your ability.

Tuning is essential, and Cooper takes the time to explain the various ways to tune a 12-string guitar. He discusses the pros and cons of different tunings and shares his preferred method, giving you a solid foundation to build upon. Once you’re in tune, Cooper jumps into basic chords and strumming patterns, gradually building complexity as you progress.

Check out Coopers channel or the Advanced 12 String Lesson here.

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