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Advanced 12 String Guitar Lesson with LickNRiff

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Lesson: Unlock the Magic of 12-String Fingerstyle Guitar [Tutorial w/ TAB]
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12 String Lesson

Looking to enhance your 12-string guitar playing skills? Look no further than this masterclass with LickNRiff! In this video a seasoned guitarist and instructor, shares his expertise and teaches you the techniques and strategies needed to play this unique instrument with finesse.

Learning to Master the 12 String FingerStyle Guitar

The video kicks off with an introduction to the 12-string guitar, its history, and its distinct features. LickNRiff then delves into the basics of playing the instrument, covering proper hand positioning, finger placement, and picking techniques. You’ll learn how to hold the guitar correctly, how to tune it, and how to strum it to produce a rich, full sound.

Moving on to more advanced techniques, such as fingerpicking patterns, sweep picking, and legato playing. He demonstrates how to play chords, arpeggios, and scales on the 12-string, and shares tips on how to create a harmonically rich sound. You’ll also learn how to play rhythm and lead simultaneously, creating a full and engaging sound. Check out the LickNRiff channel or The Beginner 12 String Lesson here.

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