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Electric Guitar Lesson with Marty Schwartz

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Beginner Electric Lesson 1 - Your Very First Electric Guitar Lesson
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Electric Guitar Lesson

Ready to rock out on your electric guitar? Get started with our beginner electric guitar lesson taught by the talented Marty Music! In this comprehensive video, you’ll learn everything you need to know to begin your journey as an electric guitar player. From choosing the right equipment to mastering basic chords and techniques, Marty breaks it all down in a fun and easy-to-follow way.

Learning the Electric Guitar Basics

First things first, let’s talk gear! Marty walks you through the different parts of an electric guitar, explaining what each component does and how to properly set up your instrument. You’ll learn about amplifiers, cables, pickups, and more, so you can sound great from the start.

Beginner Electric Guitar Lesson (1 FINGER POWER CHORDS)

Next up, it’s time to get your hands dirty! Marty teaches you how to tune your guitar using a tuner or by ear, ensuring that your sound is spot on. Then, he dives into basic chord shapes and progressions, starting with simple open chords like A, C, D, E, G, Am, and Em. You’ll learn how to strum, pick, and switch between these chords smoothly, creating a solid foundation for your guitar playing.

Check out the Marty Music channel or the Advanced Electric Guitar Lesson here.

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