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DREAMWORLD Video Description : This is original rock song that is wake up song that temptations are leasing us to wrong place and sitiations and we need to change it and release form those chains

Advanced Acoustic Guitar Lesson with Tommy Emmanuel

Are you ready to take your acoustic guitar playing skills to the next level? Look no further than this incredible lesson from none other than Tommy Emmanuel, one of the world’s most renowned fingerstyle guitarists! In this video, Tommy shares his expertise and teaches you how to play some of his signature techniques that have […]

Beginner Music Theory and Guitar Lessons

In this informative and engaging video, renowned music educator Rick Beato delves into the fundamentals of music theory, providing a comprehensive introduction to the basic concepts that every musician should understand. Whether you’re an aspiring songwriter, producer, or simply a music enthusiast looking to enhance your appreciation for the art form, this video is an […]

Beginner Acoustic Guitar Lesson with Ravi Hutheesing

Beginner Acoustic Guitar Lesson with Ravi Hutheesing

Looking to learn the basics of playing the guitar? Look no further than Ravi Hutheesing’s instructional video on YouTube! In this comprehensive guide, Ravi covers everything you need to know to get started with playing the guitar, from holding the instrument correctly to strumming and picking techniques. Learning the Acoustic Guitar Basics First, Ravi demonstrates […]

Slide Mix Up Virtual Reality 360 Music Video

Watch Slide Mix Up on YouTube to see the full 360 VR video. Ylia My Website/Profile Video Description : Slide Mix Up 360 VR Video Guitar: Fender 12 String CD-100-12. Music and video recorded with iPhone 6 – Samsung S5 mini and Macbook (modern studio). Software: AudioCopy – Garageband – iMovie.

12-String Melody with a Guitar Solo

If you have any feedback or suggestions you can contact me here. Ylia My Website/Profile Video Description : This is the first guitar video submitted to Guitaralize. Filmed approx 2 years ago on a fender 12 string acoustic CD-100-12 guitar. After testing the submission form functionality all day, I have decided to play now and […]