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Advanced Acoustic Guitar Lesson with Tommy Emmanuel

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Tommy Emmanuel Guitar Lesson - Classic Fingerstyle Licks Demo
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Fingerstyle Guitar Lesson

Are you ready to take your acoustic guitar playing skills to the next level? Look no further than this incredible lesson from none other than Tommy Emmanuel, one of the world’s most renowned fingerstyle guitarists! In this video, Tommy shares his expertise and teaches you how to play some of his signature techniques that have made him a legend in the music industry.

Learning Fingerstyle Licks on Acoustic Guitar

With over 60 years of experience and thousands of performances under his belt, Tommy Emmanuel is the perfect teacher for anyone looking to improve their acoustic guitar skills. His unique style, which blends elements of folk, rock, jazz, and country, has captivated audiences around the globe, and now it’s your turn to learn from the master himself.

In this lesson, Tommy covers a variety of topics, including:

  1. Finger independence exercises: Develop the ability to control each finger independently, allowing you to play complex melodies and chords with ease.
  2. Chord voicing: Learn how to create rich, full sounds using various chord shapes and fingerpicking patterns.
  3. FingerStyle arpeggios: Discover how to play arpeggios the right way on acoustic guitar.

Learning Fingerstyle Guitar Techniques

Tommy Emmanuel Teaches 4 Steps To Fingerstyle Guitar Technique | Reverb Learn To Play

Looking to improve your fingerstyle guitar playing? Want to learn from one of the best in the business? Then look no further than this fingerstyle guitar lesson with Tommy Emmanuel! In this video, Tommy shares his expertise and teaches you how to play a beautiful arrangement of the classic song “Windy Mountain,” using just his fingers and thumb.

As a seasoned musician and teacher, Tommy breaks down the piece into smaller sections, making it easy for beginners to follow along. He starts by demonstrating the simple but effective fingerpicking pattern used throughout the song, before moving on to more complex parts such as the intro and chorus.

One of the key techniques covered in this lesson is the use of percussive elements, which add depth and texture to the overall sound. Tommy shows you how to incorporate slaps, taps, and other percussive effects into your playing, creating a fuller and more dynamic sound.

Another important aspect of fingerstyle playing that Tommy touches on is the use of different right-hand fingers for various parts of the song. He explains why he chooses certain fingers for specific notes and how this affects the overall feel and tone of the piece.

Check out Tommy Emmanuel’s channel or the Beginner Acoustic Lesson here.

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