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Phantom Dan – We Were Kings (ft. Emilee Campbell Harden) (Official Music Video)

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Phantom Dan

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Video Description : Prepare for a rush of nostalgia as Phantom Dan, the Athens-based emo-punk rock rising artist, joins forces with the powerhouse vocalist Emilee Campbell Harden of Swear Jar and Way Past Cool for their new single, "We Were Kings." This dynamic collaboration somehow delivers a fresh yet perfectly familiar anthem that hits just right for a windows down summer drive. Set to drop on May 31st across all major digital streaming platforms, "We Were Kings" is a sonic journey that encapsulates the essence of golden age pop punk, with a touch of new era influence. Phantom Dan and Emilee's voices intertwine in an action-packed call-and-response style, while the lyrics paint a vivid picture of the fight for eternal youth, and Dan’s seemingly endless war on time. A fast moving song with carefully crafted rises and falls, creates a dynamic listening experience that keeps audiences on the edge of their ears. With its infectious melodies "We Were Kings" will get stuck in your head, it just will. Fans will have the opportunity to hear "We Were Kings" live debut as Phantom Dan takes the stage at the 40Watt Club Crawl during Athfest 2024 on June 22nd - set time 1:00AM. To coincide with the single's release, Phantom Dan will premiere a music video on Friday May 31, at 12 Noon EST on YouTube. The video is expected to further enhance the sonic vibe and underlying message of “We Were Kings". A

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